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Ambler Thorn
Apperley Bridge
Baildon Green
Bank Top Bradford
Beck Foot A
Ben Rhydding
Bents Head
Bierley A
Black Hill
Bolton Bradford
Bolton Woods
Bowling Bradford
Bracken Bank
Braithwaite Bradford
Burley In Wharfedale
Burley Woodhead
Charlestown Bradford
Chat Hill
Chevin End
Clayton Bradford
Clayton Heights
Cradle Edge
Cross Gates Bradford
Crossley Hall
Cross Roads Bradford
Crow Nest
Daisy Hill Bradford
Dean Lane Head
Denholme Clough
Denholme Edge
Denholme Gate
Denton Bradford
Dudley Hill
Eastburn Bradford
East Morton
Egypt Bradford
Exley Head
Fell Lane
Flappit Spring
Four Lane Ends Bradford
Goose Eye
Great Horton
Green Clough
Guard House
Hainworth Shaw
Harden Bradford
Harewood Hill
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Heaton Bradford
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Heaton Shay
Henshaw Bradford
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Holme Wood
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Knowle Park
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Lane End Bradford
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Lidget Green
Little Horton Bradford
Little London Bradford
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Lower Town Bradford
Low Moor Bradford
Lumb Foot
Manor Park Bradford
Manywells Height
Marsh Bradford
Micklethwaite Bradford
Middleton Bradford
Moor Edge
Moor Side Bradford
Mountain Bradford
Nab Wood
Nether Yeadon
New Brighton Bradford
New Holland Bradford
New Road Side Bradford
Newsholme Bradford
Noon Nick
Old Dolphin
Oldfield Bradford
Ousel Hole
Peas Acre
Pickles Hill
Queensbury Bradford
Ravenscliffe Bradford
Ryecroft Bradford
Sandy Lane Bradford
Scholes Bradford
School Green Bradford
Shaw Bradford
Shay Gate
Shibden Head
Shipley Bradford
Simpson Green
Slippery Ford
Thackley End
Thornbury Bradford
Thornton Bradford
Thorpe Edge
Thwaites Brow
Tong Bradford
Tong Park
Tong Street
Town Head Bradford
Upper Marsh
Upper Town Bradford
Well Heads
West Bowling
Westfield Bradford
West Morton
Weston Bradford
West Royd
West Scholes
Whins Wood
White Hill Bradford
Whitley Head
Wilsden Hill
Windhill Bradford
Woodhouse Bradford
Wyke Bradford


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Below is a directory about hairdressers Bradford. Please view the following companies to find a suitable hairdressers company in Bradford region.

Preferred Supplier
[ Hairdressers ]
The first Headmasters salon opened in Wimbledon Village in 1982, this salon opened with just two stylists and one assistant. With dedication and commitment to the Headmasters founding philosophy of combining premium hairdressing and optimum service, Headmasters grew to the forty one salons that are open today.
Preferred Supplier
The Hair and Beauty Group
[ Hairdressers ]
With 127 years of history, Hairdressers Journal International is the only weekly magazine for the hair industry. Each issue is packed full of essential information, from techniques, trends and product news to exclusive fashion collections and key business news and advice. As a source of inspiration, practical advice and business insight for hair professionals actively seeking information, HJ continues to be the essential weekly read for the serious hair professional, and also offers extensive advice covering career prospects and training for our junior readers.
No Info
Preferred Supplier
[ Hairdressers ]
seanhanna is a highly pro-active and energetic hairdressing salon group with a difference. We aim to deliver quality hairdressing at all times with an extremely high level of service so that the customer is ultimately happy after every experience in or around our business. Currently we are the Salon Group of the Year and winner of the ‘I Want That Hair’ an award attributed to the salon who creates the hairstyle that the readers of Hair magazine think is the look that every woman wants.
Preferred Supplier
Hairdressing World
[ Hairdressers ] is your one stop shop for everything to do with hairdressing. A community site for salon professionals. Features hairdressing chat forums, hairdressing jobs, hair colour formulas, hair photos, reviews of hairdressing product suppliers. and much more... Membership is 100% FREE of charge, so start networking with hundreds of Hair Stylists and Salon Owners across the world right now!
No Info
Preferred Supplier
[ Hairdressers ]
ColourNation London hairdressers specialises in hair colour (highlights, lowlights, tints and bleach) using cutting edge Wella hair colour technology to produce vibrant multi-dimensional life-like hair colours in salon, specialist services include Japanese IHR Permanent Hair Straightening, Brazilian Blow dry/ Straightening, Natural Human Hair Extensions (Cold Fusion Technology), hair treatments (Nanomax) and cutting edge hair styling. Our salon is in London's Oxford Circus (London W1). You can book your appointment live online 24 hours a day using our website (register first) or ask any questions in our hairdressing forum where a member of our team will promptly reply.
Preferred Supplier
Electric Hair
[ Hairdressers ]
Electric Retreat is our urban spa concept devoted to beauty and complete wellbeing. Using exclusive prescriptive Murad skincare range, we join Harrods and Harvey Nichols as one of the select UK stockists. Formulated by Dr. Howard Murad in his Los Angeles Medical Spa, these dermatological treatments are guaranteed to improve the appearance of your skin. Every Murad treatment has a combination of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hydrating ingredients to give you radiant, younger-looking skin.
Preferred Supplier
[ Hairdressers ]
Incredible cuts, gorgeous colour, superb service and uncompromising standards in hairdressing - HOB trains for quality and delivers excellence. Since opening the first HOB Salon in 1983 in Mill Hill, our dedication to offering the highest quality in service and hairdressing has seen HOB grow to a group of 22 salons from London to Leeds. Our hairdressing business has been focused on the needs of our clients for over 25 years to create the best possible results for you. Each salon offers a wide range of cut, colour and hair care services, with all staff trained to listen carefully and blend your needs with their in-depth knowledge and skills through on-going training at the HOB London Academy.
Preferred Supplier
The Hairdressing Council
[ Hairdressers ]
The Hairdressing Council was set up in 1964 by an Act of Parliament. This meant that hairdressers can apply to become State Registered in the same way as doctors, dentists or nurses can. The only difference is that it is completely voluntary to belong to the UK Register of qualified hairdressers. The Hairdressing Council believes in the professionalism and passion of hairdressing and its campaign is to raise standards, making the industry self regulated. Ideally every hairdresser should be state registered which would eliminate those cowboys who practise hairdressing with no qualifications or experience whatsoever.

"hairdressers" - Google News

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